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Last month, a new band graced the scene and in some style. Hailing from London and born from the ashes of a previous local project, four-piece rockers Familiar Spirit launched with their debut video for 'Reach'; a beautiful display of "passion soaked soundscapes and visceral passages" all brought to life by breathtaking visuals.

The video has already accumulated in excess of 50,000 views, and rightly so...

"When I came up with the initial idea for 'Reach', I was deep into folk and atmospheric music, hence the 3/4 time signature and sparse structure", explains Cam (Thompson, vocals), "Those folk elements painted a picture of a 'pilgrimage' of sorts and which coincided perfectly with the lyrical theme - one's journey through addiction and coming to understand it."

"['Reach' is about] one's journey through addiction..."

"Typically Cam is the driving force behind the initial song idea", adds Jacob (Gudge, guitar), "Once he has a basic concept written, we sit down together and hone those ideas, developing both the dynamic and structure until we are both happy."

"With 'Reach', this process spanned over several demoing sessions, with Cam and I refining the song over a long period of time. Although it had a clear direction in terms of sound, it was during this period that the song really took shape."

Check out the guys ripping it up on the banks of Scotland's Loch Lomond in the video for 'Reach' below...


"We take inspiration from a vast and constantly evolving variety of music encompassing many bands, genres and eras", says Jacob, "For example, 90s/early 2000s bands such as Linkin Park, Deftones, Limp Bizkit and Incubus. Artists such as Hammock, Carbon Based Lifeforms and Aes Dana have also influenced the atmosphere and texture I try to infuse into our songs."

"'Reach', in particular, draws a lot of inspiration from composers like Jeremy Soule balanced with the sensibility of hip-hop and nu metal", adds Cam.

So what do Familiar Spirit have in store for the future?

"We want to break boundaries musically and visually..."

"We plan on reaching every corner of the globe", says Cam, "We want to set the bar as high as possible for all of our fans. When it comes to playing live, we want them to expect the most genuine and visceral performance we can muster."

"We have a lot to say and a lot of content to reveal", teases Cam, "'Reach' is an indicator of what's to come. We want to break boundaries musically and visually and keep people on their toes!"

As part of the management team also responsible for the success of InMe, Lotus Eater and The Bottom Line, there's no doubt that big things await Familiar Spirit. Do not sleep on these guys!

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Keep up to speed with the band on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/familiarspiritofficial/ Twitter: @FMLRSPRT

Instagram: @FamiliarSpiritOfficial

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