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I bet this is a headline you'd never expected to see. A metal band being recognised by the greater music industry for their hard work? It's a bit mad, isn't it. But it's actually happened. The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) conduct a study every year to see which acts are the hardest working based on multiple factors including numbers of domestic (in their case, US) shows, number of overseas shows and the number of countries an artist has played in, among others. As you'd no doubt expect, the top scorers in this list tend to be pop or alt-pop acts. Lewis Capaldi is the top scorer with 195 total shows in 23 different countries, followed closely by Billie Eilish at 184 total shows in 23 different countries.

However, when you get a little bit further down the list, that's where one of these things is not like the others. Sitting in 6th place with 148 shows in 21 different countries are the metalcore legends Killswitch Engage. They're the only metal band in the top 10 of the list too - the next highest ranked metal band is Metallica in 36th place, who played 91 shows in 23 different countries. Slipknot make an appearance in 79th place, something which is very respectable considering the success of their festival appearances and Knotfest Roadshow this year. Tool also pop up in 97th place, which is very surprising considering how famously unprolific they are!

So what about rock music as a whole in this list? Well, Portugal The Man keep a good solid foot in the higher echelons of the list, coming in 10th place with 132 total shows in 24 different countries. Imagine Dragons isn't far behind either in 12th place and Panic! At The Disco and 5 Seconds Of Summer hold up very respectably in 22nd and 26th place respectively. Weirdly, just behind 5 Seconds Of Summer in 27th place is Lynyrd Skynyrd! The Rolling Stones also manage to drop themselves into the list in 99th place.

If you want to view the whole list, you can check it out here!

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