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I've been a part of the alternative music industry since the inception of my band Griever in 2012. Throughout my years working alongside other bands, promoters and agents and though many interactions with our fans, I really do feel like the vast majority of the metal scene holds a special place in their hearts for the LGBTQ+ community, including myself.

Most people growing up listening to heavy music were at some point subjected to discrimination from closed-minded people in society. Due to this, they find solace and companionship amongst other metal fans. Furthermore, most of them would also not wish to discriminate against other often subjugated groups of society such as gay people or people of other cultural or racial backgrounds. From my own personal experience, heavy music welcomes people from all sorts of different backgrounds. They want them to feel accepted and not have to endure any form of alienation because of who they are, especially within the community of metal fans.

Awareness has been bolstered much more in the past decade. Supportive public statements from artists such as Rob Halford, Brendon Urie, Lynn Gunn, Tyler Carter & more on their own lives within the community have massively helped things. This is amazing to see - in the past many artists found it incredibly hard to 'come out' and faced possible rejection from a biased music industry and closed-minded fans if they did so.

I firmly believe that no one should experience prejudice or hate, This should be especially true when it's based on something as natural as their capacity to love. Now if we can just stamp out the redundant high school phrase of "that's gay" once and for all, the world will be a better place!

Words by Johnny Halpin

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