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Updated: Aug 25, 2018

Lotus Eater is culture, society & emotion…Gloom is our presence. Gloom is our home.”

These are the enigmatic words you’ll find when surveying the green-tinged Facebook page of Glaswegian five-piece, Lotus Eater. Since forming in 2016, the band have created something of an elusive philosophy centered around the concept of “gloom” - and it’s working for them. This coupled with down-tuned grooves and a raw intensity has already seen Lotus Eater play all over the UK and Europe with the likes of Heart of a Coward, Traitors, Oceans Ate Alaska, Loathe and more.

So what is this ethos of “gloom” all about? We spoke to Cameron Humphrey (drums) and Alan Ross (guitar) before the final show of their UK run with Heart of a Coward to dig a little deeper and to discuss the future of Lotus Eater as they continue to reach new heights…

Credit: Olli Appleyard Photography

It’s the final show of the Heart of a Coward tour today”, says Cameron. “We’ve done London and Birmingham which were sold out and Manchester which was almost at capacity. They’ve been really cool shows – it’s amazing to see people vibing our band when we’ve only been around for a short time. Tonight is the final show in Bournemouth which is also sold out – it’s only a 100-capacity venue so it’s going to be a sweaty one!

Heart of a Coward have treated us really well”, he adds, “They’re great guys and I’ve loved them for so long so it’s been sick to be on the tour”.

Credit: Olli Appleyard Photography
"We're an angry and sad band but we just want everyone to succeed"

Lotus Eater have undeniably been causing waves in the UK metal scene since forming less than two years ago.

It will be two years in August/September”, says Cameron. “We re-branded from a previous band – that band gave us a lot of experience with touring and just knowing what to do”.

Alan adds, “We spent a lot of time planning what we were going to do before we did it. That saved us a lot of time in the long run”.

We’ve probably played near to 100 shows now…or something like that!” says Cameron. “We’re just about having mates and being nice to people. Sure, we’re an angry and sad band but we just want everyone to succeed. There’s a group forming including Loathe, Holding Absence, Parting Gift, God Complex and Lotus Eater – we’re all mates and we’re all growing together. It will be nice to see where we’re all at in 5-10 years. It’s really cool to see how the music scene is changing”.


"We will be everywhere soon. Gloom will be everywhere"

It’s plain to see that the concept of “gloom” is present throughout Lotus Eater’s music, social media, imagery and live shows. Their track Gloom from their self-titled debut EP (2017) is a firm favourite among fans. There’s no doubt that this branding has assisted Lotus Eater’s swift ascension since the band’s formation, but what is it all about?

We wanted gloom to become an entity of Lotus Eater – if you’re a part of Lotus Eater, you’re a part of gloom”, says Cameron. “Lotus Eater isn’t just a band, it’s a family. Everyone has miserable times and, when we all come together, we are miserable together. Gloom is our home because we’re all at one with each other when Lotus Eater play live. All of our fans are our friends to us. We’re not here just to play and to take your money, we’re here to create a legacy”.

Alan adds, “We’ll be taking the meaning of gloom further with our next release”.

“We can’t really say what’s happening right now but new music will be coming and it’s our favourite material so far”, hints Cameron. “We will be everywhere soon. Gloom will be everywhere”.

"The number one thing for us is groove"

So what influences might you expect to hear on a Lotus Eater track?

The number one thing for us is groove”, laughs Cameron. “Think of any band that has that – Meshuggah, Korn, Slipknot, Deftones…it’s all like 90s/early 2000s. That’s a really big influence for us but then there’s also the newer bands like Sworn In and Barrier”.

We also listen to a lot of RnB, trap, 90s hip hop and grime”, says Alan.

We want to transcend into so many different genres that we could play a trap show with GHOSTEMANE or Scar Lord and then go and play with Sworn In or Northlane and then headline the main stage at Download to a load of dads!”, says Cameron. “That’s the goal – we just want to play to anyone and for everyone to enjoy the experience we bring to the stage. We aim high and we try our best”.


Lotus Eater will be making UK festival appearances this July at both Fat Lip and Tech Fest. What else do the gloomers have in store for us?

"We have something huge to announce in the coming months - it will change all our lives"

We’ve got a few tours to announce as well as a few solo shows and some festivals”, says Cameron. “Then we have something huge to announce in the coming months – it will change all our lives, so watch out for that! It’s bigger than we ever thought possible; it blows our minds just thinking about it”.

After that it will all be 100 miles per hour for Lotus Eater”, adds Alan.

“It’s something we’ve dreamed of since starting music”, continues Cameron. “It will take Lotus Eater to the level where we could do the things we‘ve always dreamed of. It’s amazing to be in that position. We can’t say anything else but look out for it soon”.


"Lotus Eater will never die!"

It’s so sick at our young age to almost be able to do this as a career”, says Cameron. “We’ve grafted; we’ve done the dragging gear across cities; getting to London at 6am for the show at 4pm and we will continue to grind until we die! You’ll always see us. We’re never stopping. Lotus Eater will never die!”

There’s no doubt that big things are in store for Lotus Eater. We can’t wait to see where they take their next steps in music. Do not sleep on these guys!

Catch Lotus Eater on one of their upcoming UK dates:

5 July – Tech Fest, Newark Showground

28 July – Fat Lip Fest, Bristol

1 September – Burn it Down Festival, Torquay

28 September – Castlefest, Luton

14 October – The Star Inn, Guilford

Keep up to speed with Lotus Eater on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LotusEaterUK/

Twitter: @lotuseateruk

Instagram: @lotuseateruk

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