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NEW MUSIC FRIDAY! (08.11.19)

This week's edition of New Music Friday is pretty varied! We've got a brand new track from one of the world's biggest rock bands, one of the most ambitious music videos we've seen so far this year, a new b-side from one of our favourite bands and (as per usual it seems) a re-appearance from the sleepy boys. We hope you enjoy this week's selection!

Bring Me The Horizon - Ludens

"Ludens" is Bring Me The Horizon's contribution to the soundtrack of Hideo Kojima's video game megaproject Death Stranding: Timefall. Surprisingly, it's much heavier than the majority of the material from their last album Amo! Of course there's a lot of electronics present in this song, but there's also some big metal guitar riffs, some old school BMTH screams from Oli Sykes and even a sneaky blastbeat in there momentarily! If this is a glimpse into the future of Bring Me The Horizon, the future certainly looks very bright!

Polaris - Masochist

Polaris are rising stars of the Australian metal scene and have been embrace with open arms globally as one of the newest darlings of the global metalcore scene. With the backdrop of a very emotionally driven music video, the Sydney 5 piece thrash out yet another brilliant example of the emotive metalcore that they're known for. There's big riffs and soaring vocals aplenty and anyone who loves bands like Architects or Parkway Drive will definitely be into this!

Sleep Token - Drag Me Under

"Drag Me Under" is the latest track that's been released from Sleep Token's debut album Sundowning. It's one of their most beautiful and plaintive songs to date, a piano-centric ballad full of beautiful falsetto vocals and not a single guitar, let alone heavy riffs, in sight. It could honestly be one of the best songs on the whole album! Sundowning comes out on November 21st and it's not an understatement to say that we're incredibly excited for it.

Holding Absence - Here Forever

Holding Absence released an expanded deluxe edition of their self-title debut album today and it includes this never before heard B-side. "Here Forever" is a huge atmospheric post-hardcore track filled with echoes of Riot and Brand New Eyes-era Paramore and incredible vocals and lyricism (as to be expected!) from Lucas Woodland. Holding Absence are already well into the writing process for their next album and "Here Forever" is making us very hopeful for what's to come from the band in the future.

Glass Heart - Treading Water

Born out of the ashes of the post-hardcore band Breathe In The Silence, Glass Heart caught our attention a little while back with their debut single "How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye?", which is a brilliantly written pop-rock song. "Treading Water" is the follow-up to that and it takes them in a heavier direction. The guitars seem lower tuned than on their previous single, whilst the song in general feels more like the post-hardcore stylings of their previous project. The chorus is infectiously catchy too and everything about it will get stuck in your head for days!

Nightlives - Ways of Making You Talk

Is this one of the most ambitious music videos of the year? Quite possibly! Nightlives have premiered their brand new single "Ways of Making You Talk" via a spy filmed inspired epic full of gloriously campy acting. The single it's accompanied with is also great too - it's not unimaginable from the direction Enter Shikari could have gone in following The Mindsweep if they hadn't decided to pursue the more melodic and less heavy sound we got on The Spark. If Nightlives are going to be making more of this kind of ultra cinematic music videos, we're definitely looking forward to seeing more of them in the future!

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