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We may be away at Download Festival right now, but that doesn't mean that we're not still on the lookout for some great new music! As usual, our selection this week is pretty diverse, running the gamut from fast punky and raw rock to over the top pirate metal. We hope you enjoy what we have for you this week!

Mallory Knox - Guts

"Guts" is the second single off of Mallory Knox's much anticipated self-titled album. It's a fast punk rock anthem that's very likely the most in your face song the band have ever written and it's a great new dimension to the band's sound. The band will be touring extensively around the UK after the release of the new album so make sure you check them out at a live show later on in the year!

Lagerstein - Dig, Bury, Drink

The Australian pirate metallers are releasing their new album 25/7 on August 23rd and "Dig, Bury, Drink" is the first taste we're getting of it. It's a fun little jig that runs the gamut of the usual lyrical themes about buried treasure and questing for gold that are, well, very appropriate for a pirate-themed band!

The Beautiful Monument - Reaper

Another great band from Australia, The Beautiful Monument are gearing up to release their new album I'm The Reaper on June 28th. "Reaper" is an incredibly personal song that deals with the loss of the band's former manager and close friend. It's a poignant and beautiful song that'll no doubt resonate with anyone who has lost somebody very close to them recently.


No, Elsa (fortunately) doesn't make an appearance in this brand new video which captures the band's epic combination of high-voltage pop punk across their biggest headline shows to date in the US. It's hot, sweaty and energetic with stage dives aplenty! If you're at Download Festival this weekend, why not swim over to the Zippo Encore stage on Sunday to catch State Champs in the flesh?


One of two B-sides off the Aussie band's 2018 stonker of an album, Rue, have been released to the world. It's bittersweet, with guitarist/vocalist Matt Gravolin showcasing his abilities for the final time, having announced his departure from the band last month. However, that only makes this powerhouse ballad even more special.

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