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As you'll notice when you scroll down, this week's edition of New Music Friday is full of absolute bangers! We've got a great new single from one of the fastest rising rock bands right now, as well as two new songs from one of the best hardcore bands in the game and the first new single in two years from a progressive metal supergroup! We hope you enjoy this week's selection!

Stand Atlantic - Hate Me (Sometimes)

"Hate Me (Sometimes)" is the first look into what's the come from the Australian rock juggernauts and it's really, really damn good! It's a fast-paced song with some cool little details (like that little bit of slap bass in the first verse!) and a fantastic, super colourful music video. The song's slow ending is very unexpected on first listen, but it grows on you after a little bit!

Voyager - Water Over The Bridge

We all know about guitar playthrough videos, but Voyager have taken the concept to a whole new level with the video for their latest single "Water Over The Bridge". Filmed in various locations around the band's home city of Perth, Australia, it's a brilliant and hilarious way to showcase the guitar virtuosity that Voyager's twin axe-handlers Scott Kay and Simone Dow have become known for. We can't wait to hear their upcoming new album Colours In The Sun in full!

Loathe - Gored/New Faces In The Dark

Loathe have only gone and blessed us with not one but two new songs! This is the first new music they've released since they put out their incredible debut album The Cold Sun in 2017

"Gored" is one of the most crushing Loathe songs to date, filled with neck-snapping hardcore riffs and an absolutely massive breakdown at the end! Contrastingly, "New Faces In The Dark" embraces the more Deftones and Meshuggah influenced side of the band with its jangly opening chords and seriously groovy main riff. Both songs also come with some absolutely fantastic visuals, the video for "Gored" especially which is a masterpiece of oppressive, horror-inspired cinematography.

It goes without saying, then, that we're incredibly hyped for when a new Loathe album is going to reach our ears!

In Motive - Subtle Mistakes

After a two year gap between now and their first two singles, metal supergroup In Motive (founded by Lee McKinney and Nick Rossi of Born Of Osiris) have finally broken their silence with "Subtle Mistakes". A lineup change has happened in the intervening silence - David Escamilla (ex-Crown The Empire) now handles vocal duties and he does a fantastic job of it too! Hopefully a debut EP or debut album will be on the way very soon from In Motive.

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