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This week's edition of New Music Friday is a very cool one indeed! We've got the long awaited new music video from Creeper, a brilliant new collaboration between two Scandinavian bands, a couple of emerging solo projects from people who are taking a bit of a different direction from their main projects and the final track from one of the most anticipated albums of the entire year. We hope you enjoy this week's selection!

Creeper - Born Cold

We've already covered this song when it was officially debuted, but we thought we should also give it space in here this week considering the music video has come out. It's a cracker of a video too, showing the band's new white and purple aesthetic in full colour for the first time. Creeper's second album is right around the corner and it wouldn't be an understatement to say that it's something we've been really looking forward to hearing!

Sabaton - Angels Calling (featuring Apocalyptica)

The Finnish inventors of 'cello metal' have teamed up with Swedish metallic history buffs Sabaton to create a new song "Angels Calling". Only avaliable on YouTube for the time being (it'll go up on other platforms on January 17th 2020), the song is a brilliant mesh of both bands' over the top styles. Both bands will also be going on tour together next month and throughout early 2020, including a show at the legendary Wembley Arena on February 8th.

Clint Lowery - God Bless The Renegades

Clint Lowery may be better known to many of you as the guitarist, backing vocalist and one of the main songwriters of Sevendust. He's now decided to try his hand at doing a solo record and "God Bless The Renegades" is the second single to be released from it. Upon first listen it's easy to gather the input he has into the Sevendust sound, but that's no bad thing at all considering he's arguably one of metal's best songwriters. He is also gifted with a fantastic singing voice that he displays really well on this song. Clint Lowery's debut solo album (also titled God Bless The Renegades) will be out on January 31st.

Marco Hietala - Stones

Clint Lowery isn't the only one here who's taking a side venture away from his main band into a solo career. Marco Hietala (of Nightwish fame) is having a crack at it too! "Stones" is the first single from his upcoming debut solo album Pyre Of The Black Heart. Marco's gritty yet theatrical voice stays as great as it's been since the early 00s and the self-described 'hard prog' style he's going for with this solo project (which, unsurprisingly considering Marco is a songwriter for his main band, does have somewhat of a resemblance to some parts of Nightwish's more recent albums) is absolutely brilliant. We're definitely looking forward to hearing the full album when it reaches our ears!

Sleep Token - Blood Sport

There it is. The release cycle of Sundowning has come to a close and what a release cycle it's been. "Blood Sport" is a beautifully haunting track that builds slowly from piano foundations and Vessel's incredible vocal to a full bore doomy progressive metal experience that brings one of the best albums of the year to a close. We can't wait to see what's next for this enigmatic collective!

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