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This week has produced a bumper week of really great songs for us to include in New Music Friday! Amongst several others, we've got two massively anticipated new songs from one of metalcore's most beloved bands, a brilliantly quirky song from a band who are known for tearing up the rulebook and one where the music video went all out on the cinematography. We hope you enjoy this week's selection!

Counterparts - Separate Wounds

Taken from their forthcoming 6th studio album Nothing Left To Love, "Separate Wounds" is an emotive melodic hardcore track that showcases a new evolution in the fast-rising band's sound. Bearing the huge wall of sound that's characteristic of the album's producer Will Putney, "Separate Wounds" deals with elements of the dark side of frontman Brendan Murphy's past in a beautifully cathartic way. We're definitely excited to hear the full album!

DragonForce - Razorblade Meltdown

Another track that's slated to appear on their forthcoming album Extreme Power Metal, "Razorblade Meltdown" is classic DragonForce fun! Ripping solos are aplenty (including a keyboard solo from Coen Janssen of Epica, who provided all the keyboard parts on Extreme Power Metal) and the video's narrative of all of the members competing over a girl is hilarious. The style of the video brings back a lot of nostalgia as well with its oh-so-Newgrounds animation, even recalling a little bit of SikTh's classic video for "How May I Help You?". Great stuff, DragonForce!

Sleep Token - Gods

Sleep Token have only just gone and dropped their heaviest song ever! Channelling elements of Deftones and Loathe as well as the now classic Sleep Token sound, Vessel breaks out some serious screams in this song as well as the beautiful melodic passages they're known for. This is a huge change of pace from the previous tracks from their upcoming album Sundowning and it's really hammering home how musically diverse the album is going to be.

We Came As Romans - Carry The Weight/From The First Note

We Came As Romans have released their much anticipated first new music since the loss of Kyle Pavone. "Carry The Weight" is a massive metalcore anthem full of huge, super downtuned riffs and tortured vocals, whilst "From The First Note" draws upon the band's hardcore influences to create a song that's more positive, uptempo and uplifting.

The ghost of Kyle Pavone still lingers in the lyrical content of the new songs, especially in "From The First Note", which is a celebration of him and how the band's fans paid tribute to him. It's a beautiful final letter to Kyle that'll tug on the heartstrings of anyone who has lost someone who they felt was irreplaceable in their lives.

Clawfinger - Tear You Down

The Swedish rap-metal pioneers are back! Clearly the current political situation has motivated something, because "Tear You Down" is aimed squarely at the current state of the world. Musically, it's absolutely classic Clawfinger, with Zak Tell's distinctive rapping, big metal grooves, industrial synths and a big chorus. Are Clawfinger here to stay, in terms of new music? We certainly hope so!

Delain - Burning Bridges

Delain are never a band to do things by halves and "Burning Bridges" proves that in spades! Taken from their yet to be released new album, it's an arena-sized symphonic metal song that shows Charlotte Wessels at her finest yet. It's also got an absolutely fantastic video, which was shot in the beautiful backdrop of the Snowdonia National Park in North Wales.

Issues - Flexin'

Well, this is something very different from Issues! The progressive metal quartet fully turn to their pop, RnB, funk and jazz fusion influences on this song, creating something that sounds completely left of centre and completely awesome! The music video for the song is absolutely hilarious too and'll definitely turn a few heads.

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