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NEW MUSIC... MONDAY?!?!? (18.11.19)

Yes, this is a bit weird. There is a reason though! Our Managing Editor Robert has been away in London over the weekend seeing Periphery and Lacuna Coil's European tours, so things have been a little bit slow lately and we ended up missing our usual scheduled New Music Friday. So, just this one time we're giving you a New Music Monday! We hope you enjoy what we've got selected for you here!

Delain - One Second

The Dutch symphonic metallers are gearing up to unleash a new era of their music upon us and "One Second" is the second taste they've given us of that. This song is a great pop-metal track that's typical of Delain's more recent work. Or is it? There's a new element in the room in the form of the vocal talents of guitarist Timo Somers, who is given a co-lead vocal role in this song along with Charlotte Wessels. He performs both clean and harsh vocals brilliantly in his first proper lead vocal spot ever with the band - hopefully they try some more stuff like this further down the line!

Hot Milk - Candy Coated Lie$

Hot Milk are one of our favourite bands right now. Coming out of almost nowhere earlier in the year, they've captured everyone's hearts with their unique brand of pop rock that takes equal influence from bands like You Me At Six and Funeral For A Friend as it does from more current outfits like The 1975 and more heavy influences like Bring Me The Horizon and Architects. "Candy Coated Lie$" is quite honestly their best song to date. It's a gloriously, infectiously catchy romp full of brilliant guitar work and great vocal and lyrical prowess from Hannah Mee and James Shaw. The super subversive video is great too!

Once Human - Sledgehammer

Logan Mader and Lauren Hart's ultra-heavy outfit never cease to impress and "Sledgehammer" carries that precedent on very well. It's a song full of huge, heavy and thrashy riffs and some of Lauren Hart's best vocals to date, switching between her signature growls and an awesome throaty, gritty melodic tone. If this song is anything to go by, their forthcoming third album could really be quite something!

Vildhjarta - Den Helige Anden

People are really hyping up the comebacks of My Chemical Romance and Rage Against The Machine and for very good reason. However, one other really awesome comeback has just happened and has slipped very much under the net. That comeback is that of the Swedish progressive metal band Vildhjarta. It's been a long 8 years since they released any new music and "Den Helige Anden" was well worth the wait. It's a new more melodic yet somehow even more crushing direction for the band, no doubt helped by them gaining a new drummer a few years back in the form of Humanity's Last Breath's Buster Oldeholm. The release date of their second album, entitled Kaos 2, is still unknown, but considering that new material is starting to surface now it can't be that long before we finally get to hear it!

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