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Formerly the bassist of the punk four-piece utoXator, Leeds-based multi-instrumentalist Aiden Hatfield has decided to branch out on his own. He released his first solo single "This Is Never Ending" in January to give us a taste of what was going to come. His debut solo EP, Chapter One, explores themes of passion, conflict and loss, something many of us are all too familiar with. The thoughts and feelings in each song are laid bare in the lyrical content as well as the music that supports them; Aiden is using his songwriting to speak out about what he has dealt with over his lifetime.

For the last four years Aiden Hatfield has dedicated himself to creating a successful brand called In Music We Trust, which donates fifty percent of profits to Mind; this is important to him as a person who suffers from depression. After major coverage from the BBC, the brand is thriving and continues to help people who share the experiences he's had every day. Aiden Hatfield's music touches on these subjects and he hopes that, through his music, he can continue to help people.

The first single on Chapter One is the lead single, released back in January, entitled "This Is Never Ending". The song is so easy to listen to and it flows with a feeling of intensity, until an incredible guitar solo leads into some spoken words under the final chorus, ending the song with an incredible message - "You need to not bring yourself down when you feel that way".

"Say It Again" features a very catchy chorus, with yet more fantastic drums and a brilliant bass line. "I Never Cared" has an incredibly upbeat chorus. It may seem like there's a lot going on in"I Never Cared", but matching the drums and the incredible guitar licks with Aiden's emotive vocals makes a perfect combination.

Aiden begins the next track "Fallen to Pieces" with gentle guitars, building intensity as the song progresses. The lyrics may be very personal in nature but they're still catchy and relateable. The intense guitar riffs coupled with thundering drums reinforce Aiden's message. The very catchy "This Horror in Me" finishes off the EP, with hypnotic drums, incredibly crisp riffs and a vocal that switches between being smooth and passionate and driving and rocky. "This Horror In Me" is an incredible way to end the first release from this talented musician.

For a debut EP, these five songs are incredibly well-written, with passion and emotion behind each lyrical offering. Using his personal experiences to his advantage, Aiden Hatfield has created a beautifully put together and very emotionally effective EP. Aiden will be touring through March and April backed by a live band, and I cannot wait to witness Aiden singing these songs in a live setting.


Words by Craig Simons

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