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Anavae have always been a band that friends would recommend I listen to, but I must confess I have let them slip by over the years and never listened. That is until 45 was released and I was able to properly listen to every track. I now feel as if I’ve done myself a disservice waiting so long to check them out, because right from the beginning of this album the quality is undeniable!

Beginning the album with "Afraid", the combined talent of the duo of Jamie Finch and Rebecca Need-Menear (instruments and vocals respectively) shines through right away. The next track "Human" instantly got stuck in my head, with that killer chorus of “I wanna skin you alive, I wanna wear your flesh like a costume. I wanna skin you alive, I wanna be, I wanna be human”. The song gave me a great Halloween vibe, most likely due to me hearing it the day after then. The high quality is ever present on 45, with its fourth track "High" giving us another chorus that'll remain in your head long after the album ends.

Throughout its 12 songs, Rebecca Need-Menear’s voice stays strong and never dips. She shows fantastic lyrical prowess on songs such as "Human", "Shy Girls" and "Not Enough". "Not Enough" delves into self doubt as she sings “I always get the feeling that I’m not enough” as well as a repeated “I’m not damaged? I’m not broken? I’m not good?” The last song I want to mention is "Never Want To Love Again", a title which I’m sure anybody who has had their heart broken in the past can understand on a personal level. An exact moment with this song I could relate to was the heartbreaking realisation that a relationship is not working, where Need-Menear sings “a lot of love, a lot of grief. You’re gritting it between your teeth, I don’t think you want this.”

British music has got a very promising future and, yet again, I’ve learned not to take a band lightly if recommended for me. As an album, 45 really impressed me! Anavae have choruses that stick in your head for days and Rebecca Need-Menear is a fantastic vocalist. What more could you want, really?


Words by Ryan Norton

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