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Like Moths To Flames’ latest EP sees them depart from Rise Records and sign a new deal with Australian independent label UNFD (a label that also boasts the likes of Northlane and Stray From The Path). This on paper seems like a very good sign. UNFD tend to pick up really good quality bands! But does this change of direction in terms of labels see Like Moths To Flames break new ground in their music?

Sadly, I came to find that it doesn't break any new ground for the band at all. This three track EP isn’t anywhere close to the quality shown by fellow labelmates Northlane (after their stunning release of Alien earlier this year) or Stray From The Path (I absolutely loved their latest effort Internal Atomics). When it comes to Where The Light Refuses To Go, there just isn’t enough to really get excited about. This is a bit of a shame, really. The band's previous releases have shown a lot more quality than this new one does.

Opening this EP is "All That You Lost", a track that begins with the kind of screams Like Moths To Flames are known for yet also includes a melodic chorus where vocalist Chris Roetter shows the full scope of his range. The song itself is a decent mixture of clean and harsh vocals throughout and a very solid piece of the Like Moths To Flames back catalogue. It's just a shame that it was released on a three track EP - the song being put out in this way only serves to let people know the band is still here more than anything else. "Smoke And Mirrors" is a much more melody-driven song and my personal highlight from this very disjointed release.

Maybe it’s just my personal disappointment, but I felt a sour taste after this EP ended. Like Moths To Flames have so much more to offer than what we are given here and they've shown that several times before on previous releases. I wouldn’t necessarily count the band out before we hear more, but what we have in this EP is unfortunately not enough to go by. While it may be their intention to have gotten a quick release out on their new label, we could have waited a bit longer and got something we can truly sink our teeth into.


Words by Ryan Norton

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