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For a good while, it was kind of murky as to whether the LA based djenty pop-metallers Volumes would be releasing any new music. They’d been touring without guitarist and main songwriter Diego Farias for a good while, with the explanation that he had to stay home to work on the new material as well as some other projects he was involved in. However, all those doubts have now been set aside, as on Wednesday this week the band surprise released a new EP titled Coming Clean. With absolutely no build up at all to the EP’s release beyond a few “yes, we are working on new music!” posts on social media, it’s certainly a novel way to release music, so let’s see how the EP lives up to Volumes’ legacy of creating great heavy and catchy music.

The EP starts of with the gloriously heavy grooves of “NO LOVE”, a song that leans heavily on the classic Volumes sound. Both the band’s vocalist play off each other really well and there’s even a fun little guest appearance from the infamous Fronz of Attila. This EP as a whole actually seems like more of a return to the sound the band explored on their debut album Via, rather than the more pop-centric focus of No Sleep and Different Animals. That’s not to say that the pop elements aren’t still there; “hello goodbye” has Myke Terry crooning a chorus that could have come straight off a 00s RnB track. The pop vibes are very much in full swing too on the incredibly melodic “ALIVE”, with the song even ending in a classic fade out before going into the electronics and orchestra-heavy interlude track “Revenant”!

“Until The End” is probably my personal favourite off the EP, with its heavy callbacks to the Via-era sound and even what sounds like another cheeky appearance from former Periphery frontman Casey Douglas. The EP’s title track and closer revisits some of the experimentation into more hip-hop type songwriting the band explored on “Hope” from Different Animals to fantastic effect and I’m really glad the band are willing to explore those elements further. As typically for a Volumes release, the production side of things sounds absolutely fantastic. It’s glossy, polished and modern, with fantastic guitar, bass and drum sounds all round, no doubt thanks to the practically lifetime amounts of skills Diego Farias has in this end of the process in creating music.

Whilst the wait for new music from Volumes has been somewhat agonising at times, Coming Clean has definitely been worth waiting for. A short release it may be, but it’s one that’s all the better for it as there is absolutely no filler and it’s fantastic to hear the band make a slight return to the heaviness of their older material, whilst also being unafraid to continue the experimentation Different Animals took as the band leaned further into the realms of pop, hip-hop and electronica. I'm very excited to hear how the band's next full-length record will sound.


Words by Robert Percy

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